1994 chevy silverado C1500/ Has peeling clear coat

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Thank you very much 68 coronet for your good advice.

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Ok, my truck is ready for primer. I have repaired all small dents,used filler,and used guide coat to make sure I don't have any high or low areas. Forgot to say I have sanded the truck all the way to bare metal. Like suggested here,I will be spraying 2 coats of epoxy.
I am going to wait for a couple of days for epoxy to dry good before sanding. My question is: What grit of paper do i use,120,180,or what grit do I use? Also,do I sand with dry or wet sandpaper? After I'm finished with block sanding the epoxy, Can I spray the urethane 2 K primer and than sand block again? Need some tips since this is my first time painting.
Of course I am not going to do any painting until I know the truck is completely ready.
I bought a cheap hood from a wrecking yard so I can practice.
Also, do I need two guns to spray,one for primer and one for base coat and clear coat.
I understand that the tips that I need are 1.3/1.4 for base and clear and 1.8 for primer.
Final question: My compressor is a 30 gallon, 155PSi,5.3SCFM,with a 1.6 HP.
What kind of spray gun can I get to use with this compressor?
Thank you all for your kind help.

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Compressor is too small in my opinion.

If you are sure your metal work is good, shoot two coats of epoxy and then the next day shoot 3 coats of 2k build primer. Make sure you wait the proper flash time between coats. (I use a 1.4 tip for epoxy primer and 1.8 or 2.0 tip for build primer.)

Let the 2k set for a day or more if you can, then guide coat and block sand with 180 to remove the guide coat. If everything looks good you can move on to wet sanding. I like to use guide coat at each stage. Start with around 320 grit and sand to remove guide coat, then move to soft block and 600 and repeat. This will ensure that all of the 320 scratches are gone.

You can clean it well and then let dry. Spray a sealer (optional) or go to your base coat.
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