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A casual friend at a car show asked me that one time. I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said an official, "I dunno." His primer had been sitting for about 5 years. I see him at a show 6 weeks later and asked him where his car was..... he had tested just the trunk lid and things seemed fine for a couple of weeks, goes ahead, shoots the car. He took it to it''s first cruise-in and he said you could watch the paint bubbles come up as the sun went higher in the sky that day. You just don't know..........
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Can I use either one of these. Epoxy primer or a dtm urathane primer surfaces. Seems like the urathane primer surfaced might be more forgiving. The epoxy said it needs to be top coated within 24 hours. Looking at the custom shop kep405 which is the epoxy or dtm605 which is primer surfacer

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