Featherfill done, next steps?

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Newbie here. Painted a full fiberglass truck two years ago with great success thanks to reading a bunch on the forum .

New project : So epoxy primered nice clean steel, applied slicksand to make everything as close to perfect as possible, sanded to 320 grit. This was an offroad truck so lots of fine sratches, nicks, bumps and imperfections so slicksand seemed to work well. Looking for next steps? Can I go directly to sealer then paint? Should I go to 2k surfacer primer and sand out again then sealer? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Personally I like to shoot 2k primer over polyester primer.
If you are sure your surfaces are already straight and smooth, then shoot a couple of coats of 2k and let set, then guide coat and wet sand with 600 grit.

If you are not sure, then shoot a couple of coats of 2k, guide coat and block sand with 320 to remove the guide coat, then wet sand with 600.
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