Wheel 2k runs sand through

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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2022 5:17 am
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Hey guys.

I sprayed my mates rims gloss black with Spraymax 2k rattle cans
They had too much peel so I re sprayed and got them way better. Exchanging the orange peel for 2 runs when I had arm pump from nozzle on and off and given how cold it was they solvent popped wowzer what bad luck

We’ll because I just sanded scuffed the black and then re sprayed 2 top coats it’s black underneath the solvent pop and so I thought I’ll sand out the solvent pop. Knowing full well the pops would have come from the bottom of the fresh coats.

Now I have a halo between black original coat and new coats where I sanded through. The black actually polishes up to match but I’m left with a halo between the old and new. The new topcoat is only 24 hours old do you think that edge is not sanding because it’s not dry enough and that’s why it is haloing ? It’s p1200 grit

Cheers. Live and learn and laugh about it. Overall happy. They’re just 4wd rims

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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2022 10:51 am
it sounds like your spray product is set up with to fast of an activator and or reducer. you need to SLOW IT DOWN. you're getting O/P because its to fast the paint flashes to quick and goes on with the O/P. It should be more slower drying, if its to fast it starts to flash to much right out of the gun and goes on rough ( O/P ).
now for the runs its the same problem. you're now applying the paint to thick to get it on smooth no O/P. but its just to heavy and runs. this heavy paint is the cause of the halo your getting. the real wet paint is attacking the broken edge of the sanded first coat. and causing it to swell. the cure is to prime and or seal the sanded through area. depending on your paint, you may never get rid of the halo problem.
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