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PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2022 8:36 am
NFT5 wrote:Alright I'm going to land myself in it, big time here.

OP asks the question and first we have a long standing and respected member saying that the intent of this site is to do things right, declining to offer bad advice. Followed by another member offering some solid advice which was restricted only to preparation. OP gets his knickers in a knot because someone has refused to give him bad advice, is offered some consolation, and the best advice so far, by another emerging talent member. Then we have one of the newest kids on the block, who has to ask about every single job he does, offering advice that goes against everything that this site stands for.

Seriously, OP could have figured out such a poor solution all by himself, I'm sure. How much are all those cans of custom mixed paint going to cost? And what about clear?
As OldFatBald said:
OldFatBald wrote:You can use some of the jobber filled SprayMax cans but they get expensive.

He also offers the most practical and probably most economical solution:
OldFatBald wrote: If you are just trying to save money on a daily work truck, you can prep it yourself, but find someone that does work out of their garage to shoot it.

A fairly good assessment of the thread, however it was this line in the OP's post that set the stage:
"What is a cheap fix I'm very broke/poor to be honest I know sand it down with a hand sander I guess but what grit paper and what's a good spray paint fix about all I can afford."

His questions were about prepping for paint. Hence the reference to a Sticky Post dealing with this issue. JCClark also offered advice along this line.

Since all of this started out with words like , "cheap", "very broke", "poor", suggesting that he get it painted by someone seemed pointless.
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