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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2022 8:23 pm
Well Im new here but middle aged. I know my way around a car except bodywork. Im working on 1979 Mustang and the paint is blue and in great condition and has its dings here and is about 80% rust free in Michigan. Got rid of another 15% of the rust out and now Im ready to start on the bodywork. I got the epoxy and urethane primer roll on system came with the blocks and sand paper.

Since the paint is in good condition should I scuff and roll on primer? Or down to bare?
The and not much reviews on it outside of eastwoods reviews. Id just like to know what more experienced people think of this system.

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A few years ago Dulux were promoting this roll-on system as a means of getting their products in to shops that used other paint systems.

The logic was that rolling on required no masking so there was a labour and materials saving there. The primer the used was very high solids and needed only two coats but cured in an hour, so ability to paint the same day rather than leave overnight, which is the usual procedure in most shops.

I tried it for a while and yes, there was a labour and materials saving in not having to mask up. But the system really didn't suit anything more than small repair jobs because:
1. It was difficult, with the roller, to get a really good build and sometimes needed up to 4 coats;
2. The roller left a surface texture that needed to be sanded. Of course all primer needs to be sanded but this needed more work than spraying it on and made use of the system slow for larger jobs;
3. There was quite a lot of waste, especially on smaller jobs. The roller holds quite a lot of paint and this was lost with each coat, since it would harden and become unusable during the flash off period; and,
4. The primer, although good, was expensive with the very fast hardener. That cost offset any advantages that might have come with the system.

We went back to spraying primer. What we spent on plastic masking was more than saved by less waste, not buying rollers and time savings in sanding.

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when painting houses and doing a color change, and rolling,i always do 2 coats no matter what color im covering or even if its new primered drywall. why? after the first coat is on and dry,i look at the texture real close. there are highs and lows. typically the old color shows through the lows. it might not be glaring but it does. thats because rollers dont put an even coat on.

if i use an airless sprayer, very rarely do i need 2 coats because the sprayer applies an even layer(thickness) of paint.

youre going to end up sanding a **** more off if you use a roller than if you spray.

i say take it to bare metal,too.
also, add a 9" rear end, possibly TKO toploader,suspension upgrades, and a cleveland in it. :happy:

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I agree with all the above :goodjob: Brilliantly put forth.
Bare metal my vote.
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I just used it on my Lincoln that I took down to bare metal.

Went on thick and not very smooth. Plus side I could cover the bare metal as I went along very easily. Used 2 coats for coverage.

Down side I had to do a lot of block sanding... I mean days. Ended up spraying the whole car with their "high build" urethane primer to smooth everything out.

I think the epoxy leaves a good tough surface barrier but I had trouble getting it smooth enough to paint over. Nothing like a sprayed on product.

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