can you help me figure out where I went wrong?

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2022 8:13 pm
Hi. I work in film and this is a prop. I'm going to have to figure this out tomorrow.

I shot finish1 primer and (the 4:1 two part) onto luan (wood), let it set a day, then shot diamont (2:1 with r-m ur50 reducer) and then shot toucan 4:1 clearcoat and hardener system - and it turned out gorgeous. tiny bit of pinholes but I know where I went wrong there.

once they chose the color from those samples, they changed the primer to 325 / 326 2k primer and I shot the prop itself (one part is steel and one part is that crappy vacuform plastic)

parts with weird scrunching (that you can actually push flat and they will stay - though the creases remain):

there was maybe 2-3 hours between the primer and the diamont basecoat on the prop. which I think was too short, but since they switched primers on me I have a wild card there. especially since the samples were so great (but then again those did sit for a day) so I'm to square one figuring this out.

the paint is a beautiful metallic, the gun felt right and everything laid down beautiful. I turn around to clean out the gun for 2-3min and when I turned back around everywhere was like this. can anyone with a few more brain cells give me a clue?

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Base coat ate the Primer, Try using an epoxy first allow 24 hrs to cure scuff then Primer allow to fully cure sand then apply Base coat in lighter coats with lots of flash time between coats.
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My guess is the first primer you laid down was not compatible and anywhere you sanded down to it, the solvent in the base began breaking it down.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2022 8:11 am
Yep, solvent intereacted as a "stripper." Anytime you see a paint/coating "lift" it is some type of solvent present that is not compatible with the present coating.....
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Yep, something on the prop reacted to the materials you used, I'm guessing the base coat. sand it down smooth and give it a couple good coats of epoxy. you may want to go light on the first coat of epoxy IF you feathered any edges. let that cure a couple hours or more if you can then a good med wet coat. this will give you something to work off of.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2022 7:50 pm
thanks a bunch yall. finally got it sorted and it looks gorgeous.

sanded down the raised 'starring' ? don't know a good or proper name for this.
reshot it and it was mostly gone (but that is the backup parts cannibal that gets completely destroyed so we can live with it)

then lightly scuff sanded and went and shot the basecoat on the prop covered in finish1 primer that had been sitting for a while and it was perfect off the bat.

since they're compatible in the end and the finish1 had longer time, all I can be sure of from this near disaster is that while I have pushed finish1 before with just a sanding, I can't feel comfortable giving the 325/326 2k product anything less than full drying time before basecoating with diamont (can't get the film industry to pay for deltron or ppg or anything like that ever).

normally that might not be good advice at all, but it's just something to put in my pocket for later in this industry that asks for impossible timelines.

might set up some time/climate test samples to see how quick i can push the diamont with the finish1 before disaster strikes


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