1956 Door panel

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 8:39 pm
So I got some 1" square tubing and sanded off all the filler on the ends of the doors.
I drilled 4 holes and bolted the tubing to the back side, much better so I took it off and drilled holes every 3-1/2" or so to plug weld the panel to the tubing, deburred the buggers off the hole and bolted it back on, Push the panel to the tubing and plug weld working my way from the center out to each side. So much better with just 1 tubing.
I will do it 1 more time above and below for this door, Driver door is not as bad. :goodjob:

I hear what you guys are saying but if you were standing beside me looking at the straight edge lapping over the front fender 6" or so you would agree.
Yes I was bumping the edge of the door last year to get it closer to match up.

I will take some pictures tomorrow

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For quality work, it's not a good idea to plug eld panels right out in the open area. In effect, you are stiffening the panel tightly, and the rest of the panel can flex, and contract and expand, as it does. This difference will likely cause failure in the body filler. or at least, will eventually show as low spots in your paint.

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:goodpost: ^^^^
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