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Hi guys,

I'm looking to get some 2k sealer to give a good substrate for a white ghost pearl job I'm starting next week. I cannot for the life of me find any decent 2k sealer and have never used before. I'm assuming some 2k primers can be reduced to use as sealer, but does anyone have recommendation of decent ones?


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If you have an Axalta Cromax distributor nearby then get some 840R Epoxy Primer-Surfacer. It's off-white in colour so should make a good base for your ground coat, not darkening it like a grey sealer would. It's also able to be mixed in sanding and non-sanding viscosities. The non-sanding goes on a bit smoother but, if necessary, can be sanded anyway. Most straight 2K sealers can't be sanded, so if you get some texture or a spot of dirt you're in strife.

There are other white epoxies which have similar characteristics. Some may be cheaper, some not as good. I've used the 840R for many years and love it.

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:goodpost: FOR SURE! test it on something to see if it will come out of your gun properly. if its a little textured you can reduce it a little it usually doesn't take much. it should go on nice and smooth. get the application sheet if you get some and see when you can apply your top coating.
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