Epoxy Primer - Sandable ? or No? or maybe a little

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Watching a lot of YT videos for my DIY restoration. Looks like Epoxy Primer on the bare metal is what im staring with. General/traditional info suggests it is too hard to be sandable and thus this is not its purpose. I have seen at least one manufacturer (Eastwood maybe) that suggests it is. Though im sure not like a high-build primer that is intended to be blocked would be etc. So does this hardness and standability for EP vary across manufacturers? Im leaning to PPG DP LF series assuming a safe reputable brand for my project.
Thanks for the info as I learn...
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most all epoxy's that i know of can be sanded. like any other products some will sand better than others. if your wanting to sand it a couple hours after you spray it you might have some problems, its still going to be sensitive ( soft ) I've used the PPG, DP primers but they are now out of my price range. and i feel some of the better priced ones are really better. I'm into Nason's or S-P-I, that use to be here, or check out the epoxy they sell here. these epoxy primers sand relitivly easy especially if you can let them cure a day or so then block with 180. a lot of times if I'm doing a bare metal project I'll shoot the epoxy on. then after several hours 5-6 or overnight i'll shoot a couple coats of hI- build over the fresh epoxy. no need to sand the epoxy as long as you're in the recoat period. get the product info sheet all that info will be right there. now your ready to block. epoxy is somewhat temperature sensitive they don't like the cold they need to be used at least 65* and up. I've had it cure good at 65, colder than that might really slow it down.
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All epoxies are not the same! Some are only meant to be an adhesion coat, and sealer. Others can be used as a med.-high build primer, as well.

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