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My 2014 Limited Outback right headlight lens was broken in a parking lot. The strike also popped out the bumper cover where the light, fender and cover met. To my untrained eye, only the light needed to be replaced, as the headlight pattern seemed in alignment. However, after inspecting under the bumper cover, in putting back the cover it is acting as if the horizontal distance is too far to span when I went to put it back together. it seems to take far more effort to seat the cover than the YouTube vids, and with a little driving the cover springs out and won’t stay in the groove under the headlight. It stays in the groove where it meets the wheel well. What confounds me is that the bumper cover isn’t fitting on both sides with the cover centered by the two pins on the front to back center-line.

To the naked eye, it looks like the passenger fender gap to the hood is larger than the other side and the fender-door gap at the running board sill is too small. I do not see any creases. I have not removed the fender, or any underlying substructure. The Styrofoam on the underlying bumper support showed no change in thickness.
So how do I go about adjusting things to manipulate these gaps so the bumper cover fits?
left side fender to to hood seam, which looks to have the correct gap.
20240419_193641_result.jpg (68.03 KiB) Viewed 23 times
right side fender to to hood seam. Larger than left side shown in other photo
20240419_193558_result.jpg (44.5 KiB) Viewed 23 times
showing right side door to fender gap, narrower at the bottom
20240419_193546_result.jpg (43.19 KiB) Viewed 23 times
showing bumper cover bulge left side
20240419_193317_result.jpg (53.05 KiB) Viewed 23 times
showing bumper cover bulge right side
20240419_193232_result.jpg (56.38 KiB) Viewed 23 times

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its really hard to tell not being there to actually see it. what i can tell you is that the bumper cover brackets or attaching points are rather flimsy, and can be bent slightly very easily. you can look at the fender mounting points, should be some bolts along the hood area and a couple in the door jamb area. with a light bump like you have things get sprung you'll just have to see how and where to adjust it at. the bolts along the hood should have slotted holes. other places my need a thin shim or two. also check the headlight mountings, if it was hit hard enough to break the lens i'd almost bet its bent where its held in place. you just have to look at it and say hum the fender is back to far, now what can i do to move it forward. same with the bumper cover. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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