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For 4-5 years I have been trying to find a VW metal/body guy for my 74 camper. Without going in to detail, I had no luck so I found a guy to teach me mig. I didn't want to do this myself because I want it done right. I have two cars to experiment on, but what I am really looking for is in person guidance/teaching for the metal and body work. I am in the Philly/south Jersey area and would like to meet someone who can teach me. If I have to pay to learn, that is fine. I will work for free, anything to learn. The only school around is $20k.

If there are books or instruction sites you recommend (in addition to this forum) please let me know. I need to get started on the VW asap.

Thanks in advance!

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I suggest you read the sticky post at the top of this forum to start.

Reproduction panels are available through sites like: ... anels.html

There are many different videos available, some better than others. I would check with panel fabricators as to which ones are best for beginners. Fabrication requires some expensive tools so reproduction panels are what most of us use.
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Joker137 wrote:The only school around is $20k.

If there are books or instruction sites you recommend (in addition to this forum) please let me know. I need to get started on the VW asap.

Thanks in advance!

have ya looked into nextfab? theres a location in philly

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The Fabrication series has classes in Vegas, You can learn welding or Fabrication there, Justin is a great guy He gives out good information freely in his videos.

My personal advice is to buy a good welder such as a Miller USED Make sure it is a GAS welder NOT a Flux core machine! and start burning some metal.
Welding is an experience thing. Everlast also has some good machines at Low cost.
Here is a great entry level machine that does Mig,Tig and stick for $1100 ... ig-package

Don't buy a Machine that doesn't Have a Gas regulator you need Steel mix to mig weld. Avoid Flux core mig machines, also you want a machine that you can fine tune voltage and wire speed. No preset voltages "click" voltage settings switches.
You need to be able to fine tune your Voltage and Wire speed especially when trying to weld thin sheet metal.

Gas welding really is the way to go or Tig welding.
Mig has its place, welding Thin sheet metal is not one of them in my opinion.
Can it do it YES is it the right way? Not in my opinion.

Welding is about PRACTICE once you have a machine and a bottle of gas and a welding station built sit down read the book and Start running beads practice practice practice.
Always practice on the same type of material you plan to weld so if your welding on car body's go get a scrap Car Hood or a scrap fender from a junk yard cut it up into small pieces and welder back together!

It took me a long time to learn how to Mig weld thin sheet metal body panels.
Gas and Tig are easier for me.
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