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I have a Hobart Handler 187. It's a 230 Volts, and I've been told it s a decent Welder. I'm trying to weld some patch panels on a subaru Impreza, and the resutls are not good.

Here is what happens:

I'm using C24 set at 20, and .023 wire I got at a welding shop.
I set the power to 1, and the speed to 30 as that is what's recommended in the welder.
I do quick tack welds, trying not to get too much heat at one spot and distorting the panel
I start to get excessive piles an blow through
Then I grind them off.
Then the sheet metal gets thinner as I try to fix all the tiny pinholes I left behind. So I blow through more, and then make giant booger piles trying to fill all this in.

Ideas on how to dial this stuff in? I've read all kinds of articles (like this one http://www.autobodystore.com/new_page_11.shtml) , and tried playing with the settings, but nothing seems to work.

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Pictures please!
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'68 Coronet R/T wrote:Pictures please!

Pictures! This is set at 35 wire speed, 2 power, on a test piece.

full size pictures




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Are you sure the shielding gas is coming through?

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kace wrote:Are you sure the shielding gas is coming through?

Yea I'm not getting a lot of splatter

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These charts will help get you in the ball park for settings , again it gets you close , you might have to tweek it some, as you can see each wire diameter has a given factor , .023 is 3.5 , so you take the thickness of your material and multiply it by the factor, to get your wire speed, pull the trigger and count to six, measure how much wire has come out , add a zero to what ever your number is, lets say you get 30 inches of wire add the zero your at 300, if your material is .040 you need a wire speed of around 140, , .....also throw away the cheap ground clamp that comes with most mig welders, get a pure copper one , sorta looks like an alligators snout, with the short circuit process for mig , a good ground helps... and trim your nozzle so its even with your wire tip, other wise your actually doubling your stick out,
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I am not familiar with your machine but The bead looks Cold evident by bead laying on top of metal, It Could be the power setting is to low or could be wire speed is to fast or your pushing it to fast or all three also angle of torch matters as well.

Also Your bead shows signs of contamination I see the metal is dirty and rusty the metal needs to be cleaned before welding! the cleaner the better get wire brush then do a final wipe of Acetone before welding.

Also I don't know if this was a Used machine or Brand new?
But the Torch Liner can also get contaminated if Old rusty wire is used in the machine or Aluminum was ran through it it can also cause contamination issues.
You shouldn't be seeing that Red dust

Also when I go to Prax air web sight
http://www.praxair.com/gases/gas-mixtur ... s-mixtures
I see listing for C25 gas BUT I dont see C24 gas????
so Hard to tell what your playing with?
Gas mixes have a lot to do with your weld depending on the gas mix, It can make your welder Hotter or colder.
A blend close to 80/20 Argon CO2 or 85/15 is a good gas.

Its all a Personal choice but I have tried welding thin sheet metal with .023 and I don't care for it or my machine doesn't like it one or other, I use .030 in it.

Oh and one more
Imported metals are not created equal there very few good mostly bad, They Don't weld like American made metal. I learned this the hard way. Stay away from weld projects on Imports!
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