Frame Rail Damage 16 Vette

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:37 am
I have a 2017 Corvette that was in an accident and about the last foot of the front frame rails were snapped off. I have found what I believe to be the right part as offered by GM and I know I will have to sub this repair out but I want any information or suggestions concerning the repair before I look for a shop to get the repairs made. What type of repair facility should I look for etec. Any help will be appreciated.

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With most modern cars the procedure is to replace the whole sub-frame rail. To do this means you need a shop with a reasonably late model frame rail system with electronic measurement capability so that everything can be put back in its right place. A good tradesman can do it, of course, the older way.

I guess I'd be looking for a shop that tended to do heavily damaged, luxury type vehicles that are worth the high costs of such a repair.

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Unless you get all the Insurance money to fix it right in a reputable shop I would wait to find a whole new frame from a Theft recovery from an Insurance pool such as Copart or the like.
I am not gonna say it cant be welded and spliced BUT I have dealt with Vetts with Frame damage before and tried to fix them They are simply never right again.

If your Out of pocket for all the repairs again a Theft recovery.
You may try reaching out to some of the guys who specialize in this type of work rebuilding wrecked Vetts is a small niche community Easily found by looking searching for cars being sold with SALVAGE titles or REBUILT titles. One of these types may already have a Frame from a Car they salvaged for parts.

Good Luck with this project its not gonna be a cheap repair.

Just me
But I don't like to deal with Salvage or Rebuilt titled cars except as Parts cars because Banks will not finance them when its time to sell.
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