Ceramic coating on fresh 2k paint

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Hi all,

I recently painted my motorbike with 2k paint. I have read lots of different opinions on the time to wait before ceramic coating. Some say 90 days, some 30 etc.. I used Quartz 2k Crystal Clear, the tech sheet doesn't specify how long to wait for full gases to vent, only that it's hardened after 2 days. It's been in my heated garage for 3 weeks now and doesn't really smell of anything, what would you recommend wait time? I'm not particularly in a rush to get it done, but don't want to ride it until its coated to be honest.

Your expert opinions are valued :bighug:


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Well, you should be okay at 30 days.... I just did the rather large decal over my clear and I was right at 30 days. No bubbling, nothing.... I had let the hood cure inside at about 73 degrees F during that period....
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Minimum 60 days, preferably 90 days.

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