I took your advise, and now, after using the Meguiars 105, .

Discuss anything after that final masking comes off.

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after that, glaze on fresh paint. wax or sealant when its paint correction. i havent had a reason to use any other pads. i get excellent results with the orange pads. i do have a couple blue pads for applying wax,sealant, and/or glaze.

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I use one grit of sand paper,,,one compound,,,and one wax. Its so simple a rookie can do it......... :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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After applying M105 with a wool pad, I would try Menzerna Intensive Polish with an orange or white polishing pad. Once you are done with that step, go over it with M205 to refine the paint some more and bring out the maximum gloss.
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