Buffing out oxidation on black paint

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I have a friend that has a black honda civic and was involved in a hit and run that forced her to hit a guard rail on the road. Long story short, her front passenger fender was dented, some scratches on the door and rear quarter. She met someone that popped out the dents for her, but it kind of looks like he took sandpaper to the surface and scratched the paint a little. In some areas it looks oxidized, and in some it just looks scratched. I have waxed and polished before, but nothing with this kind of oxidation. She can't afford taking it to a body shop, so I figured I'd try to help her out. I know the dents might still exists after I'm done, but I'm mostly concerned with buffing out the surface of the paint. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to approach this? Should I clay it and then use a DA sander with some kind of rubbing compound? Thanks.

I'd also be interested in finding a good auto body shop or detailer in columbus that help out, but I just don't know of any.





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If they are light scratches and not deep, you could go over the scratches with 1500 grit by hand using a wet micro fiber rag. Keeping the area wet at all times.
After that, buff it with some cutting compound and wool pad or cutting pad.
Followed by buffing with a polishing compound and polish pad.
Followed by a finishing pad and swirl remover.

The oxidation, (if thats what it is, looks like the result of moisture in line after a respray.) looks pretty bad. You could try sanding the area to a flat whitish color then buffing it out.

Be careful not to burn through to the base coat, especially on that fender line.
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