please help. Need to fix heavy orange peel in clear coat.

Discuss anything after that final masking comes off.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:31 pm
Hello everyone

I am a DIY person. I painted my honda car today, everyting went fine until it came to clear coat. I have applied clear coat and realized it has heavy orange peel effect with very less reflection. It happened because of wrong spray gun pressure.

I am thinking to sand it down and re apply clear coat with correct gun settings. How is this idea?

When should i sand this clear coat?? Can anybody please guide me how to bring glossy shine to my paint work.

Thanks a lot lot....

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What clear did you use? How many coats?

You might be OK and you can start wet sanding it down and then buffing it.

You could sand it down and then apply another coat of clear over it.

The orange peel is due to the pressure and the lack of gloss is due to your speed. You'll want to slow it down and not spray it like you did the base.

Clear is very tricky to learn. The better gloss is achieved by getting the clear on thick.. to the point it almost wants to run.

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this is common on painted panels.

there are a few different steps to remove it.

i have a few few videos on youtube. search Repair Refinish TV.
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sakib000 wrote:I have applied clear coat and realized it has heavy orange peel effect with very less reflection.

Guys, are we sure this is orange peel? "Very less reflection" sounds like it might be too dry.

OP, can you post up a picture of what it looks like?

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