Clear coat 2k Nightmare - Please Help

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A few months back I made the a mistake to try to do a self-paint job on a car door that was keyed. I purchased "clear coat 2k". It never came out right.

Fast forward, I am trying to take it off, but it appears no matter how much I wet sand my door it never comes off. When the water dries I am left with the exact same appearance There is distinct difference between the 2k clear coat and my regular paint job. It looks really bad!

I have tried 600,1000, and 2000 sand paper. Same results.

Please help. Any suggestions.

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Pics would be nice. Also 400 should take the clear off, but i would try to see if i could Buff it out. Did you only apply clear?

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Pictures are necessary. No way to tell what you are dealing with.
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If you're trying to sand off the clear to get back to the original finish and then stay with that then I'd think you'd have a snowball's chance in hell. The chances of rubbing through are just too high.

Even P400 is going to take a long time and if you can't see where the clear is and isn't you won't know where to sand.

I'd think a better solution would be to rub it all back to level and re-do the whole door.

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