Fixing long scratch mark across 2 doors

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I'm trying to fix a long scratch mark across 2 doors that was over a year ago. Touchup paint was added over the scratch line at that time. No rust. Although the touchup paint was a little thick on some spots along the line.

The surface was a little caved in along the scratch line.

2007 Camry scratch.jpg

What's the best way to fix this now. Try to push the surface back out from behind the scratch line, and buff it to remove/smoothen out the touchup paint?


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Those types of scratches are not a simple repair. You can try the touch up paint, then hard block with 1000 grit, then buff out -- sometimes you have to iterate on this. Danger of burning through the factory clearcoat so I would tread very carefully.

The only correct way is to take it down to metal, fill it, block out the repair, etc. and repaint just like any other damage.

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