polishing out bugs and pits

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3 coats of ********** clear, last coat a few bugs got in clear,im scared to try to wetsand them out,what to do ? bugs only in last coat, I hear you can mix up some clear and dab the tiny craters,also how long can you wetsand before its getting to thin,?ive already polished it once but in sunlight I missed some scratches, plus the bug divets, thanks

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Use a small flat piece of wood like 1"x 2" Oak about 4" long.
Wrap some 1000 grit wet/dry paper soaked in water with a couple of drops of dish soap and start sanding.
Check your progress often by wiping area with a squeegee or microfiber towel.
The would will keep you from pressing too hard in one area and will slowly bring the level of the clear down until flat in appearance.

If you have orange peel it will look like this when you start:
Orange Peel.JPG

Here you can see a dust mark:
Dust mark.JPG

Dust mark removed:
Dust Mark Removed.JPG

You will need to follow with 1500 grit to remove ALL of the 1000 scratches and then follow with 2000 grit to remove the 1500 scratches.

Take your time and and it will buff up real easy.
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