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PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 11:06 am
I repainted\clearcoated some spots on my car where my clearcoat is peeling off. I sanded the clearcoat down with 2000 grit paper but am having a dickens of a time buffing the CC.
2 things that are happening - have a gray haze i just can't buff out or other areas where i have a hard coat of hardened polish( if i rub hard enough it looks like it is coming off)

Is there an easy way to remove the hardened polish?

gray haze- i still need to buff more??(i did move back and forth so as to not burn through the CC.


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Once the clear coat begins peeling you need to strip to primer or bare metal.

The base coat is protected from Ultra Violet rays by the clear coat. When the clear coat fails the base coat is damaged also.
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Without seeing at least photos it's hard to say whether the problem is on the top or underneath. Often wetting the surface will fix (temporarily) a haze on the top which will return when the surface dries. In such a case more buffing is the answer. If the haze is still apparent when wet then it's probably underneath. Take note of 68's comments - trying to fix failing clear without full removal and re-application of base is always going to be a failure.

As far as the hardened polish/compound on the surface is concerned you've simply buffed too long or too fast. Dirty, overloaded pads can also contribute to this, as can buffing in the sun where the metal is hot. Remove the compound on the panel and re-buff, using the correct technique.

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 6:27 pm
The worst part of the original problem was on the rear bumper. Yeah, i was thinking of sanding off the CC down to the paint. I figured if it is peeling in one spot, it is the same CC so it would likely peel elsewhere not too long from now. Thats what i did for the rear bumper that had the worst peeling.

So u r saying use sand paper to remove the hardened polish and buff again?
If i scratch with my finger nail it comes off and the paint\CC underneath are done - no haze. I am just asking if there is a quicker way besides re sand polish.

Thanks again.

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