tamco 2100 clear hard to polish

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Haven't heard from the OP since his initial post.
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chris wrote:It doesn't buff like some butter-soft clears meant primarily for trailer queens. But it shouldn't be hard to buff either, so something must be up with your process.

I'm not great at buffing trust me on that but I was able to get very good results with the HC-2100. Using Wizards products.


Chris, as I told you on the phone, when I buffed out a well cured 2021 job, it was the hardest buffing job I have ever done and I have done quite a few. It turned out like glass but man it was tough getting there.
Now the 2104 clear is a different cat. Easy to buff and looks super. There is a picture on my 52 Hudson post. This is the clear I use on all my work now. Recently did a 2017 Honda Ridgeline with it. Tammy mixed up the base coat color for that job as well.

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