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PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:24 pm
I am converting my Chevy Cargo van into a camper that I can travel North America in. I painted the exterior using Upol Raptor in Subaru cool gray khaki and white. Just to clarify, I painted the top in white. I do plan to add faux black fenders using Raptor paint.


This all said, there are some areas that need touch where I was sloppy in masking or it was just insanely difficult to do so. See pictures below.

Panel Windows

Pop out 1

Pop Out 2


Can you all who have done this before give me some advice and direction on how to finish off these areas? Will I have to sand these areas down? Can I use just a scotch pad?

Also, should I paint the door jams the cool gray khaki? If so, I don’t want a textured finish. So I was thinking of using a sponge brush. Would this give me the look I want?

All advice and direction will be much appreciated.

I apologize that all the photos are sideways. I am typing this post on my iPhone. 8)


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If you mix a small amount of the Raptor in a cup, in the right proportions, you can then apply any way you like. I've used a spray gun to achieve different finishes dependent on need. For example, a 1.8mm gun with fluid turned down and air pressure up will give you a fine textured finish or by reducing the sir and increasing fluid you can get a finish that's almost smooth.

You can also brush or roller it on, whatever you like. Always scuff up well, minimum red scotch.

Test on some scrap and see how you go.

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