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Question 1 is, I painted PPG 2042 clear a couple of weeks ago maybe even 3 weeks, I have not touched 5 of the panels yet, I sanded and buffed the other panels, but I ran out of energy, can I start sanding with 1000 grit and work my self to 2000 grit, or is 1000 grit to aggressive?
question 2: I sanded through on and edge one of my doors, (that is when I was going down in flames. I should of walked away sooner) what grit should I use to get good adhesion of the clear, I need to spot in the base coat and re-clear the whole door, is 600 ok or 1000? I want good adhesion yet I do not want scratches to show, color is red GM Victory red.
any input would help
Bill H
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I use 600 where the base will be and 1000 for the clear.
You can start to wet sand with 1000 but be real careful because it dose remove alot of material, 1200 or 1500 to start would be safer unless you have alot of peel.

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