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I am not knowledgeable about this at all, but I want to try to fix it myself.

I had a gouge from a curb incendent repaired on my front bumper. A mobile, spot repair company sanded the area down painted, clear coated and polished the area. They blended the new paint onto the rest of the bumper. One section, though, appears to have not gotten the full clear coat. And in fact, looks like heavy overspray--rough and dull.

As an attempt to repair, I had another shop apply a polish with a rotary buffer to the area. It worked. Removed it all. But.....doing that left a very defined line between the new paint and the old.

Is there anyway to "blend" the old and the new with polish, sanding or other rather than repainting? And it seems the rotary is too harsh. I haven't touched it since. HELP! please.

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