Sanding clearcoat runs that have pearl mixed in

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Is it possible to sand clearcoat runs that have pearl mixed in? I sprayed my car last night with a silver basecoat and clearcoat that I mixed silver-white pearl into. I noticed that I got a couple of runs and a pearl sag. Thanks!

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Sand and reshoot. Someone with more experience back me up on this one.
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Sand and re-shoot is the only way to really make it look right.You can try and spot that area in and blend out you edges and then clear the whole panel.The next time you want to put a pearl over the top of your base then use a clear base(PPG's DBC500, Global's D895).It will allow you to have better control of your pearl as well.Anytime you put a pearl or flake in your topcoat clear you compromise the integrity of the clear.You interfere with the u.v. screeners that are in the clear and you can set yourself up for premature fading.HTH.

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Yep ...reshoot. Next time use the pearl in you first and second coats
of clear and spray them a little rougher. The last coat of clear..(the flow
coat) use clear with no pearl that way if you run it you can sand and
buff out the runs with no color problems.

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