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If you want to cover some things in the interior there are also vinyl wraps ( simply use with a spreader tool and heat gun) you can use to make immitation looks!

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you can make a mould from plaster ( the kind that is powder and u mix with water, believe its called plaster of paris?) coat the part in candle wax or something and fill a bowl with the plaster. then set the part in the plaster. then when its done u can lay the carbon fiber / resin in the mould. only thing is that its really difficult to do complicated pieces or pieces with lots of curves

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I won't discourage you from doing it; the videos and tutorials make it sound and look simple but it is anything but. You will see :pcorn:

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this place has everything you need.
they also have how to videos on youtube.

they even have a great learning center.

this place also has some good instructions on a lot of different mold making along with fiberglass etc.
and they also sell the stuff.

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anyone can you give me the cheapest seller of carbon fiber

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I get my epoxy resins from here: They also sell carbon fiber tape but I couldn't find any larger sizes.
I bought some on a roll last time but cannot remember where I got it. LOL

You will have to search for the type of weave and the quality of Carbon Fiber you want. This places sells the unidirectional cloth:

Lots of places sell it but you have to read up on what a quality cloth is and how the weave itself plays a part in structural strength. ... _fiber_101
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Wow ODG!

Your posted videos were like watching AutoBody 101, "How it's Made" !!!

That was exceptional information.

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