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PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:51 am
Hello, I'm trying to work on the windshield of this pickup, the windshield opens and closes and the problem is the frame is too short on the drivers side and has a gap bottom corner. can these windshield frames be fudged with to widen safely and still have a good hold on the glass?

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with out being there to look at it i'm not really sure what you can do. I have a 31 chevy pickup and my windshield frame comes apart, the ends pull away from the upper and lower parts. keep in mind mine is rectangle with square corners at each corner. there are screws that screws into a square piece of metal inside the frame corners that's what holds it together. all good except your frame is rounded on the top and i'm not sure how it comes apart I would think the bottom has to come off to be able to change the glass. have you tried to move the hinge and split the difference it seams like this is common with this type of window setup i'll have to check but a friend of mine has a 39 2dr. and if I remember right he used body filler to make the corner fit properly. post a couple pictures if you can. PS. I NEED A PASSENGER FRONT FENDER FOR A 31 PICKUP.
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