Painting My Bike Soon, Thought I Would Say Hi!

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I'm planning on painting my bike in the next few weeks. I have never painted anything auto before. So, I searched the net for different things to try. Every time I see something cool, I think of ways to incorporate that technique into the paint job somehow (marblizer, Kandy, Airbrushing, ect.). I have decided I want to go with all HOK products. I want to shoot pcb100 then airbrush (or rather have my Gf do the airbrushing) ghost flames, skulls, and maybe an eyeball or two in a pearl white and then kandy over that.

All this research can be quite intimidating. Primers, guide coats, sealers, which clear goes over which coat, color sanding, how many coats of clear before sanding, 50% overlap on bases 75% overlap on kandys, nozzle tips, can I airbrush right over the base or do I need to clear first? I'm not asking any questions here, just trying to give a little bit of an idea on what I'm researching. I've spent hours watching videos and searching the net and I plan to do a whole lot more before I ask any questions. I've read the stickies here and read multiple posts and seen a lot of quality content coming from the same few people. So, hopefully they will chime in when I finally make my post describing how I'll be painting and which products I will be using, ect.

I'm a welder/fabricator by trade and have access to all the sheet metal scraps I can get my hands onto for practice pieces. I fully plan to take some scrap metal and paint it exactly how I want to paint the bike, from primer to buffing. I'll even make a piece into the shape of a tank so I can paint and buff a corner to make sure I get it right.

I am very confident in the advise I am going to receive here. More posts from me to come!!


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