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Hi guys I'm painting my 99 f350 superduty color will be magantic ford gray j7 code with a black lower stripe along the rockers/doors. im also looking to do the letters powerstroke in the black lower half on the doors. I am planning on using chromabase base coat not sure what clear to use yet. I did a bit of searching and came across 7900 clear any input is helpfully. My main question and worry is Chromabase only having 24hrs to top with clear in what ordered would I paint my stripes and lettering?? my original plan was to lay base for the letters wait to dry put decal on truck then lay base for the black lower half. Tape lower off and spray base for truck, untape lower and spray clear. I know I wont be able to do all that in the 24hr period so how would I make this happen?? Also with the letters I'm trying to archive a ghost type look and ideas on that? I was told to put some pearl in the base black for the letters would this work? Here a link to a picture of the lower stripe and letters for a example.

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I think you could do all that in one day. Base dries very quickly in normal conditions, and you can tape it off pretty quickly. The lettering might be tricky to do fast, but if you get a vinyl cutting co. to cut the lettering out for you, it will help. There will be 3 layers to the lettering mask. If you pull off the part that covers the sticky side, and lay the entire mask on the truck where you want it, you can just peel off the top layer ( or the individual letters, if you want to paint them), that keeps the lettering in order, and paint. (You MUST explain to the vinyl guys that you are using the it as a MASK, not final lettering, they'll use different materials!) Hope I explained that clearly.
As for the letters being ghosted, i don't think putting the pearl in the base works well. Black is pretty opaque and won't show the pearl very well, You'd have to add a LOT of it, and do a bunch of testing to see if it will even show. A better way is to use a mid coat clear, mixed with the pearl (you must use interference, or flip-flop pearl to do this) and put this over the base color.
Clear: entirely up to you what you use. The real cheap stuff won't hold up well over time, I prefer using the "production" grade, or the premium, if I want the clear to lay out better, right out of the gun. Most of the time I don't care, as I cut and buff almost all my paint jobs.

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I am not an expert but the use of an intercoat clear (basically a clear base coat product) will protect your base coat from any ill effects of the taping.
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