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My 2004 Sebring convertible was hit two years ago by an uninsured driver and so we decided to finally fix it ourselves this year, which required a lot of mechanical and body work. I am replacing the hood and bumper and need to find a spray booth we can rent in the San Francisco Bay Area (preferably South Bay). There used to be several places in San Jose where one could rent a spray booth but now I cannot seem to find anything. My husband used to build hot rods and do body/paint work. We used to have a homemade booth, but we are no longer at that property and cannot set up a new one where we are now.

So, if anyone can help with any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Money is really tight now after buying all the parts and tools. Also, we are both disabled now, so we really cannot afford to take it to a pro shop for paint, but I don't want to settle for Earl Scheib either. Besides, my husband was a master body repairman and painter. I know he would do excellent work (even with cancer and a fractured back!). Anyway, I hope some folks in the area can tell me where to find a place. Thank you!

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