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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2023 6:01 pm
Hi folks new member here hope I am okay to ask this here. I have been on the hunt for a certain vehicle (older 2009 Cadillac) and have found one but am having a difficult time finding a really clean (no major paint or body work history, no rust or heavy corrosion, low miles, minimal to no mods)example of one.

After searching for the last few months (not in huge hurry just waiting for right one) I have found a really clean “looking” example of one. Very low miles sub 20k always garaged one owner. Albeit the single owner did purchase car from original dealer with nearly 5k miles on the clock late in the model year (must have been a dealer loaner car)?

Due to me living out of state from where the car is located I always ask for undercarriage pictures as to reduce the last minute surprises as best I can. Upon receiving the photos there are a couple pictures that it looks very clear to me (untrained) that the vehicle has overspray on the undercarriage.

Could some automotive paint and body pros give me some insight into what I’m seeing here? Keep in mind this is a 2009 vehicle so I wouldn’t think there should be overspray from the factory? Also I find it odd that the large subframe hole in the last two pictures looks as though it had a washer in place while the overspray was laid down?

Many thanks for any and all input

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Hard to say with out inspecting the car in person.

Car is really clean, I am not totally convinced that thats over spray.
Suggest a professional inspection. Lots of services out their all over the country offer such services for a modest fee.
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Sure, there can be factory overspray. I've seen it somewhat on almost all makes and models. Can obviously be overspray from shipping/damage being repaired when it came off rail or truck transport right at the dealership. And, of course, there is always that accident thing looming. Dennis, has a good idea there with an inspection by a reputable firm. I've had several cars inspected across the US before I commited to buy. Biggest problem is getting them out there to look at it before it gets away from you. When I was Corvette shopping I had about 4 of those good deals sold out from under me before I could get an inspection done..... Oh, have you done a VIN check or Carfax on it?.... VIN check costs nothing.... go here...
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