Lighting inside my spray tent

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Hi Folks-

Piano restorer here looking for insight from folks that know a lot about painting lacquer - this looked like the place.

I have a restoration shop and I am getting more serious about the finishing side instead of farming everything out. I built a relatively easy spray booth that I can setup and knock down that utilizes the front door to my shop as a means of sucking out fumes and spray, via a box fan. The booth I have made is 3/4' x 3" frame that is hinged to open and has a ceiling, My question pertains to the safety of LED work lights on a stand for gaining better visibility. As this room gets set-up and knocked down its great to have lighting that can be in the space with me. I am wondering if anyone has experience with using LED work lights on a stand safely in an environment like this.

Up until now, I have been buying the paint I need in rattle cans for the harp and soundboard but will make the move to a Fuji Q4, both for quality and I expect quicker buildup on things I am spraying. Should I even be concerned with using worklights like these? The brand is Braun.

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You "should" get explosion-proof lights. Depending on the airflow and concentration of solvents in the air, you "could" reach the LEL (lower explosive limit) and blow you and your shop to the moon. Food for thought. That fan is an explosion hazard as well.

There are a few great threads on here with calculations for finding the LEL for your space. Best read and understand before you hurt yourself.

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J, I am a wood conservator and restorer with a decent sized shop. I think I'll just send you a private message so we don't clutter things up too much here....
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