Tamco HC-2021 Clear - PPG copy

Accurate copy of PPG 2021 clear!
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Product Details

This is Tamco's answer to PPG's 2021 clear. It's a high solids clear, a 4:1:1 mix and great build characteristics for that "wet look" when cured. This is a water-white clear, easy to apply and with excellent gloss and gloss retention. If you have been using the super expensive PPG 2021 clear, give this a try - you will not be disappointed.

Note: This kit includes the clear coat and activator. If you have Tamco or another brand high quality reducer on hand, you can complete the 4:1:1 mix. The reducer speed is what controls the overall speed of the mix. If you need a quart of Tamco reducer, see the product options when adding to the cart, above - you can add a quart of reducer to your order at a very reasonable price.


  • Maximum possible UV protection
  • Exceptional gloss - "reach into the paint" look
  • Long term durability
  • 100% Acrylic Polyurethane - no cheap bulk enamels in the formula
  • Tolerates a bake cycle very well; little to no die-back

Key Specs

Typical gun tip1.4mm
Flash time20 minutes
Dust free60 minutes
Recoat window2 hours
Bake option140F @ 30 min

What's Included

  • One gallon of HC-2021 Clear
  • One quart of Activator
  • You may optionally add a quart of Tamco reducer to your order

Product Manual

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