Tamco Premier Euro Clear HC-2104

HC-2104: Top shelf clear
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Product Details

All Tamco Clears are full kit - they come with both clear and the required activator.  Don't let the $90 per sprayable gallon price fool you.  This clear holds its own against products costing 4x the price.

A beautiful high-gloss European style clear.  2:1 mix, high solids, with quick cure time - delivering an unbelievable premium finish.  In terms of application, this clear compares to Glasurit high end clears and will hold its own.  HC-2104 has high resistance to shrinkage and die-back for either air or bake dry.

This is Tamco's finest high solids clear and also contains the maximum amount of UV blockers possible for long-term performance and gloss hold-out.

Note that this is truly a high solids clear and unlike other companies, the solids content is disclosed so you know what you are getting.  I recommend that you use a high quality reducer in the mix with this clear, at 10% to 15%, and you apply it with either a 1.3mm or 1.4mm tip.  See the purchase options above, to add a quart of Tamco's high-quality reducer to your order at a great price.

A word about Tamco

It has been my pleasure to get to know Tamco. This is a family run business, with decades of experience. When you call you will most likely talk with the owner, Tammy Miller. She has literally grown up in the paint business. Tammy's father, Bob Barney has been in this business since 1979 and has manufactured and sold marine paints, industrial finishes and auto refinish paints. For years the family ran one of the largest PPG jobbers in the USA. Tammy's husband Sean Miller is the lead tech guy who also manages the production facility in Smithfield, Virginia. They take personal pride in their craft and you will not be disappointed by them or their high quality refinishing products.



  • Maximum possible UV protection
  • 54% solids content, one of (if not the) highest in industry
  • Exceptional gloss - "reach into the paint" look
  • Long term durability
  • 100% Polyurethane - no cheap bulk enamels in the formula
  • Tolerates a bake cycle very well; no die-back when applied properly

Key Specs

Typical gun tip1.3mm or 1.4mm
Flash time20 minutes
Dust free60 minutes
Recoat window2 hours
Bake option140F @ 30 min

What's Included

  • One gallon of HC-2104 Clear
  • Half gallon (two quarts) of Activator, your choice of temp
  • Yields 1.5 Gallons sprayable material

Product Manual

Additional Info

Customer Service: 1-800-678-1533

Crafted in Virginia, U.S.A.