Tamco Production Clear HC-7600

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Product Details

HC-7600 Ultra Productive Clear is a medium-solids 4:1 clear that offers fast dry times both air dry and bake. If you have ever used PPG 3000 or DuPont 7600 - this clear is a superior evolution of those clears. It can be polished in as fast as 2 hours air dry or only 20 minutes when baked at 120°F for only 10 minutes!

HC-7600 excels in tough shop conditions -- for example less than ideal airflow. The combination of high throughput and low overspray keeps repair jobs moving at high throughput. This medium-solids clear revolutionizes energy savings and productivity.

HC-7600 possesses a combination of critical attributes: excellent gloss, ultra fast deep cure, fast out of dust and low overspray. The level of gloss from this clear compares to "restoration quality" clears that cost 4x the price!


  • Superior spot or panel repair
  • Gloss and DOI will match high-end OEM finishes
  • Long term durability
  • Fast dry - deliver in 2 hours

Key Specs

Typical gun tip1.3mm
Flash time5 minutes
Dust free10 minutes
Recoat window1 hour
Bake option120F 10 minutes

What's Included

  • One gallon of HC-7600 Clear
  • One quart of Activator, your choice of temp
  • Yields 1.25 Gallons sprayable material

Product Manual

Additional Info

Customer Service: 1-800-678-1533

Crafted in Virginia, U.S.A.