Tamco DTM 2K Build Primer Kit!

HP-5310: Direct to Metal, High Build
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Product Details

All Tamco Primers are full kit - they come with both primer and the required activator

HP-5310 is a 4:1 mix product. It is a fantastic, non-shrinking high-build primer, grey in color. This primer can be applied directly over cleaned bare steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces - as well as over filler or older urethane finishes. It is composed of an ultra high solid (65%!) formula and is very easy to sand, wet or dry. The secret to great color hold out starts with your primer, and this is the one to get for that important project. It will not let you down.

The fewer solvent products you can use in the stack of film on your car, the better. Why not go with a direct-to-metal primer that has great build and sanding qualities -- and avoid the typical sandwich of products you usually deal with?

One word of advice on this primer. It is so thick due to the high quality resins, clay and talc in the product -- you may need to reduce it 15% to 20% to get it to atomize well in your primer gun. This is not a bad thing at all, and it means that if you want to brush this product onto your truck frame with no reduction -- have at it! On the other end of the spectrum, Tamco has processed the solids in this primer so well that you can mix it with reducer to 4:1:1 and use it as a non-sanding sealer.

See the product options above, to add a quart of Tamco's guaranteed moisture-free Premier Reducer to your order.

A word about Tamco

It has been my pleasure to get to know Tamco. This is a family run business, with decades of experience. When you call you will most likely talk with the owner, Tammy Miller. She has literally grown up in the paint business. Tammy's father, Bob Barney has been in this business since 1979 and has manufactured and sold marine paints, industrial finishes and auto refinish paints. For years the family ran one of the largest PPG jobbers in the USA. Tammy's husband Sean Miller is the lead tech guy who also manages the production facility in Smithfield, Virginia. They take personal pride in their craft and you will not be disappointed by them or their high quality refinishing products.



  • Direct to Metal
  • High Build
  • Long pot life
  • 7 day recoat window
  • High solids, non-shrinking

Key Specs

Typical gun tip1.8mm
Reduction15%-20% required!
Pot Life60 minutes
Flash Time15 minutes
Ready to Sand60 minutes

What's Included

  • One gallon of HP-5310 Grey Primer
  • One quart of Activator/Hardener
  • Yields 1.25 Gallons sprayable material

Product Manual

Additional Info

Customer Service: 1-800-678-1533

Crafted in Virginia, U.S.A.