Tamco Premier Reducer 1 Gallon

Pure Urethane Reducer
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Tamco's HR- Reducers, the best reducers money can buy!

Tamco's Reducers are affordable but high quality. ONLY urethane grade solvents are used in all Tamco products -- just like the majors. Most "generic" or small companies do not. Tamco's reducers are guaranteed moisture free for assured gloss holdout.

HR-1360 Fast is a cold climate solvent only, mainly for basecoats where catalysts are not used. It can be used in 2K primers.

HR-1370 Medium. Use from 75-90 degrees (F) depending on surface size to keep wet.

HR-1380 Slow. Use above 85 degrees (F), up to 95 degrees (F).

HR-1390 Extra Slow. For temperatures over 95 degrees (F). Keep in mind that 2K products are not recommended to be sprayed at temperatures over 95 degrees -- ideally your booth or shop should be between 75 and 85 degrees when spraying, if possible.

Yes this price is for a full gallon of reducer!